Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Sunday

Here it is, another Sunday. Rick and a bunch of others are going to run the Capitol City Marathon today. A lot of the Y run club is going to watch. Me, I am sitting out here on Fort Lewis wishing I was there to cheer everyone on. This week has been a great learning experience. Yesterday, we had 40 "patients" during a mass casualty exercise. I have realized that I remember a lot more medical stuff than I thought I would, but I still have a lot of reviewing to do. It is hard when you are not working on patients and actively in healthcare. You lose skills and a lot of knowledge is pushed into the far recesses of your brain. Anyways.....I can tell I haven't run in a week in both my body and my spirit. On the up side, my knee is much better. I am going to start doing a lot more training runs to build back up before I do any more marathons. At least that is my plan. I am out of the field on Wednesday or Thursday.....I can't wait. then I will be at the track and back to the run club next weekend. Best of all, I will be at coffee. Starbuck's doesn't deliver out here.


Backofpack said...

We missed you this week too - at the runs, at coffee and at the social events.

Don't you kind of enjoy the stimulation you are getting while you're in the field? Using your knowledge and skills to figure it out? Sounds cool to me! See you Thursday.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Sorry about no Starbucks delivery...I'm shooting you a virtual cup now. It should warm your spirits at least. Hope you are staying warm and dry. See you soon.

Journey to a Centum said...

Are you going into Starbucks withdrawl? Your body will probably thank you for taking a break from running. Sounds like you have been plenty active without the running. Hopefully you can make coffee Thursday night this week.

maniac hippo said...

Hey Kid! A bunch of us missed you at Cap City yesterday - all the usual crowd. We really hope you're recovered by the time you get out of the field.

As I type this from 120 miles away from your hometown I have complete faith that your Y-run posse will take care of you when you get back. I can't think of a better group to have as encouragement and support. Unfortunately, with the price of gas being up, all I can do is leave you my prayers here.