Saturday, June 9, 2007


I haven't posted anything for quite a while. Today's post is nothing to do with running....or very little. This morning, my family and I drove my husband to Fort Lewis and said our goodbyes. He will fly out of McCord this evening to Kuwait. He will be there for about 8-10 days and then on to Mosul, Iraq(northern). He has gone once before and ended up staying ony five months due to injury. It was the longest five months of my life. Imagine Murphey's Law times ten. I am trying to stay positive and overall I am dealing with this better than last time. I just have to keep reminding myself that I could be going any time. Like I have told most people...I am a good soldier and will go where I have to, but I am a horrible Army wife. You would think that I would be better considering I am in the service too. In my opinion, it is easier to be the one to leave than to be left behind. Don't get me wrong, leaving isn't easy. I have wanted to call his cell phone several times already, but it is here sitting next to mine because he will not have service there. I am not good at feeling helpless or not in control.
I am not throwing a pity party, just venting. I fully intend on going running with the running club on Sunday and trying to put everything in place. I have to see what my knee is going to do. I ran the R2R relay with Bustin' for Ruston team last weekend and my IT band tightened up after my first 4 mile leg. I ended up having Margaret finish my second leg because of the pain. I definitely don't want to over do things, but running is a huge part of my coping strategy for this next year+.
Signing off for now. I will post some pics from today when my daughter gets them to me.
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Backofpack said...

We are keeping you and Frank both close to our hearts. I know this is going to be hard, but hang in there! Keep coming out to run and for coffee, vent all you need to. I am hoping against hope that you don't get deployed while he is gone - that would be awfully hard on all of you. See you soon.

Emily said...

I have been through 2 deployments and know what you are going through. Let me know if you need to talk. Try to start a routine. Running with the group really helped me get through the last one.

Steve said...

Best sympathies for your worries and our appreciation and prayers for Frank. I agree that that waiting and the metal part is very difficult. Running and supportive friends is all important to ease stress. Take care

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Michelle- Running is great relief, a time to let go and be in a whole new world apart from everything and anything. An escape, a meeting up with Frank in your mind. Anything you want. The club will be your family, we will be there for you. You and I can run together and heal our IT's. See you soon, pain-free I pray.

Joe said...

Michelle, just wandered to your blog from the other Michelle', this one hit me.

My son is on his second deployment to Iraq out of Ft Carson, CO. His wife and three kids are here and we know how tough this is.

My prayers for you and the kiddos. Lean on the support you have around you and persevere. It is are not alone.